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Thursday, 27 December 2018

Algarve with kids: Best things to do in Algarve with kids and family

December 27, 2018

Our family loves to travel and explore the world, but we are also very fans of our country, Portugal that, despite being a small country in size compared to so many others around the world, it is a wonderful country to meet because is full of offers, both culturally and in nature.

If it is true that nowadays cities like Lisbon and Porto have a greater impact in terms of tourism in our country (you can see our posts about the best each city has to offer by clicking on the name of the city), the truth is that since for many years the main tourist attraction of our country were the beaches of southern Portugal, the Algarve.

And the beaches are formidable, with water at delicious temperatures and beautiful beaches stretching for miles. It is impossible to resist them, and are always a formidable destination for those who travel with children, who usually always love a seaside holiday.

Although the Algarve is fundamentally known for its wonderful beaches, there is much more to offer and, whenever we are going to spend a family holiday in the Algarve, we try to combine the days on the beaches with other activities that we consider interesting for children, but also for adults and all the family.

And this is what we intend with this article, to use our experiences throughout our stays in the Algarve to share with the reader about what we consider the best experiences that you can carry out when you go on holiday to the Algarve with your children and many of them you can do even when you visit the region without being in the summer.

We leave our list of suggestions and, if they have more, we ask that you tell us using our comment box.

1. Lagos Zoo

There are few children who do not like to visit a zoo, and although the Zoo of Lagos is not the largest in Portugal, it has a great space with several shades and a good variety of animals that are in the right places and are well cared for , as well as having playgrounds for children, places to hold picnics, lots of shade and even a swimming pool.


It is in the Algarve area that some of the best water parks in the country are located and, when we vacation in this area, we always like to reserve a day to take advantage of this possibility. We have come to recommend our favorites:

- Zoomarine

Zoomarine is probably the most famous water park in Portugal and it is even more than that. Close to Albufeira, Zoomarine will be able to see and even interact with dolphins, see sea lions, macaws, parrots, aquariums with fish of all kinds, pirates, 4D cinema and, of course, have fun in the pools and on their fabulous slides . A perfect family day will be guaranteed without a doubt.

- Slide & Splash

Slide & Splash is another of the Algarve's most famous water parks and its famous water slides such as "Disco River", "Tornado", "Banzai" and "Kamikaze" delight everyone, as well as "Big Wave ". In addition to the swimming pool, there are 13 slopes that will delight the eldest and oldest children, but also have spaces suitable for younger children, as well as a great children's area. All set for a perfect family day out.

It also has catering areas, so if you did not want to take the food from home, you will not lack options to dine.

- Aquashow

Another water park that exists in the Algarve is the Aquashow and, this is a huge park, full of attractions, our favorite being the aquatic roller coaster but it has much more to offer. Situated near Quarteira, in this water park you will find a huge variety of slides that suit all age groups but, besides the different pools for different ages, where the wave pool makes our happiness, you can still count on shows with reptiles, macaws and birds of prey, as well as having a restaurant area.

- Aqualand

In Sítio das Areias, Alcantarinha, about 5 kms from Armação de Pêra is Aqualand. It is also a great park and when we did we got a great promotion buying the tickets online, so we recommend you look for this option. What we feel is, as usually in these places, the prices of meals are very high, so, to save a little on your budget, consider taking a snack from home and, prepare, as here too will enjoy a great family day out.


Another great possibility of spending fun family days is taking advantage of the various offers that exist to make excellent family outings.

- One of the main attractions of the Algarve is its sea, its coast and, there are several companies that organize tours to see what the sea has to offer, we speak from dolphin watching tours, the Ria Formosa Natural Park, of the most beautiful beaches in the world, only accessible by boat, the beach of Benagil and its caves, among others.

The list of companies that organize these tours is huge, we give you the example of SeaBookings but, what we recommend is that they do an online survey but do not need to book before your arrival in the Algarve, because you can personally contact several tour operators and then get the best deal for you.

- Pirate Adventure

Leaving from Portimão, there is now the possibility to take a boat trip on a pirate ship, Santa Bernarda, an imitation of the old caravels, which will undoubtedly delight your children, as well as adults too.

Besides the walks by the sea, there are also several possibilities far from the coast, which we strongly recommend, among them:

- Horse Riding.

Horseback riding is always a wonderful activity to do with the family. We did one, organized by Quinta da Saudade, which took us to stroll through the sand dunes of Praia Grande and Lagoa dos Salvados, but you can easily find other recommended options that will give you incredible memories.

- Rota da Cortiça (Cork Route).

Organized by the Municipal Council of São Brás de Alportel, you can take a trip that will lead you to discover the various processes that take cork from the trees to the final result that, you will discover, are more than you have ever imagined.

- Parque da Mina (Park of the Mine).

The Algarve has always been more than just a seaside paradise, and a great way to get to know how its inhabitants lived is to visit the Parque da Mina, where you can visit an old mining mine, already deactivated, which allows you to know how for centuries people lived working and living through what the earth gave them.

Besides the mine, you can visit and visit a house from the 16th century. XVIII, a distillery of medronho, a charcoalery, to make picnics and, to see animals like the different birds, the ponies and the goats.


In addition to the horseback riding we mentioned, there are several other options for spending a day with animals, which is always a great option for a fun family day.

In the Algarve, in addition to the Quinta da Saudade that we refer to for horseback riding, we recommend a visit to the Portimão Pedagogical Farm, which has a huge variety of farm animals such as ducks, donkeys, chickens, rabbits, goats, plus a vegetable garden and an area of ​​herbs.


Another option for a wonderful day is KrazyWorld, an interactive zoo with activities for the whole family, with a small animal farm where you can interact and feed ducklings, llamas and deer. There is also the "Terra Exótika" where you can interact with some animals such as African turtles, birds that will come to eat your hands in their habitat, as well as the lemurs and also have the opportunity to see the largest snake in Europe, with 8.50 meters!

In addition to dining space, it has various animal shows, swimming pool with slide to refresh and also various activities such as arborismo, pedal kart, inflatables, mini moto 4, pony rides, and our mega mini golf circuit with 18 holes . A full day for the whole family!

- Burro Ville

An activity that will surely leave your children dazzled is a stroll of the Miranda breed, which can be held at the site of the Descampadinho, Meixoeira Grande, in Burro Ville. These gentle and quiet animals are the ideal companions to discover the nature of the Algarve far from the coast.

Click here to access more information about prices, times and location.


For as we well know and as parents psychologists, we do not fail to strengthen it, it is not only in school that is learned, nor are homework the ideal form of learning on vacation. The ideal is always to combine fun and learning and, in this, the Algarve has a vast offer, in which we highlight its Science Centers in the Algarve, Tavira and Lagos.

In them, your children will be able to interact in an interactive and playful way with various learning about science, history and nature.

To access more information about schedules, activities and prices click on the following links:


And since we are talking about learning and, as we consider it essential to learn the most about the place and the people we visit, there is also much to learn about the Algarve, so we leave the following suggestions:

- Museu do Traje (Museum of the Costumes)

Museu do Traje is located in São Brás de Alportel, and there you can get acquainted with the costumes of old, as well as local traditions and customs.

- Tower of Tavira.

And how about knowing the city of Tavira from the top of the Tower of Tavira and its dark chamber? From the tower of Tavira you have the possibility to enjoy a 360º view around you and observe the beautiful city of Tavira and its surroundings.


It is impossible to speak of Algarve heritage without reference to its castles which, given their position, played a key role in defending the region and its coast. A visit to a castle is always a wonderful activity for the child, which in addition to promoting historical learning, feeds the imagination and fantasy.

And the Algarve has several castles in good condition that you can visit, namely the Tavira Castle, the Castle of Paderne, the Castle of Lagos, the Castle of Silves and the Castle of Castro Marim.

In the last days of August, a medieval fair is usually held at the Castle of Castro Marim, which we highly recommend to visit and which allows us to have a better idea of ​​what the life of the "kings and knights" in Portugal was like. Click here to know more about the event.


Children (and adults) love to perform different activities, and the more challenging they are, the more fun they are. In this area the Algarve offers a huge number of possibilities that are sure to make the delights of kids and adults, we leave some ideas:

- Going for a Go-kart race?

In the Algarve there are several kart tracks, which are among the best in the country and with activities also aimed at children, such as mini-karts, among others. We highlight the Karting Almancil Fun Park, the Kartódromo International of Portimão and the Karting of the Marina of Albufeira.

Click on the name of the kart tracks to access their official sites and find out more about their location, prices and activities, in the certainty that they will be a good time.

- Are you up to a segway ride?

Something wonderful to do with a family is a Segway ride. If a few years ago this was a difficult activity to carry out, the offer is currently vast. One of our recommendations is the Algarve By Segway company which, among other activities, can lead you to appreciate the natural beauty of the Ria Formosa Segway.

- Buggy Safari

The company Buggy Safari challenges you to go away from the beach and the sea, in an unforgettable trip "on bad roads" full of adventure, excitement and adrenaline through a formidable experience and trip to the most special places and the most breathtaking landscapes of the region . It is possible to travel an adult and a child together by car, which allows this to be a great activity to do with family.

- Adventure Parks

Increasingly spread by the Algarve is the existence of Adventure Parks, where you can perform activities such as arborismo, climbing, slides, rappel, among many others.

We recommend the visit to the Adventure Park of Alternativtour, the Adventure Park of Fóia, in Montachique, the Adventure Park of Albufeira, Lagos, Vila Real de Santo António, among others that we invite you to explore in your visit to the Algarve. Click on the parks name to access their official sites and find out more about their location, prices and activities.

- Paintball

And what better activity to perform in family than Paintball? So get ready to go shooting with your family and enjoy the next few hours, because they will be fun for sure. We leave as a suggestion Crazy Paintball Adventure in Albufeira and Paint Out - Paintball in Lagos.

Click on the names to access their official sites and find out more about their location, prices and different activity programs.


Moving on to a quieter activity but also fun to do with family and outdoors, something we always prefer, do you know that one of Europe's largest miniature golf parks is in Vilamoura? The Family Golf Park is a park allusive to Roman times and has 2 mini-golf courses, each with 18 holes. With an excellent decoration and surrounded by green, you can also enjoy the terrace and the catering services to take a break and unwind in this fabulous place.

Although Family Golf Park is the most famous in the Algarve, it is not the only one, as you can also practice this sport at Adventure Golf Alvor, Mini Golf at Quinta do Lago, Tavira Mini Golf Fun Park, Adventure Mini Golf Park, among others. Click on the names to access their official sites and find out more about their location, prices and different activity programs.


Although in this article we do not intend to give an exhaustive description of the beaches of the Algarve, even though this is generally the main tourist attraction in the region, and we want to give alternatives to activities that are enriching for children and adults, we could not fail to give suggestions that are directly involved with the sea.

Because in the Algarve there is a huge offer and you can give your son (and also, because not the adult), who has lessons in Surfing, Bodyboarding, Stand up Paddle, Canoeing and Kayaking, sailing ...

Here we will not recommend any particular company because, as you can easily see in person or through an online survey, the offer is so vast, we recommend that you speak a choice given the proximity to where you will be on vacation and what activities are most suitable for the beach of your choice, the different prices, study the opinions of those who have already done them and, very fundamentally, seek to know all information about safety care because in this area and with our children, we can never slouch.

10- FAMILY WALKS - "Trilhos do Algarve"

Leaving the sea and passing to land, we will leave the recommendation to carry out family walks through the various rails that the Algarve region has to offer. To do this, we would like to present the "Trilhos do Algarve" project, which seeks to document rails, routes and walks through Nature and Historical and Cultural Heritage areas in the Algarve, as well as creating their own paths, sharing this passion for Nature and exercise safely.

We invite you to visit their website (click here) to discover the different rails and choose the ones you want to do with your family.

11- FIESA - International Sand Sculpture Festival

FIESA is one of the largest sand sculpture festivals in the world, held every year in Pêra, Algarve, where several artists gather and build sand sculptures that are more than 10 meters high, with themes generally directed to the small. The visits are paid for but can be done day and night and it is always amazing to observe the quality of the sculptures and the attention given to each detail.


These are our main suggestions for those traveling with family to the Algarve area in Portugal. The Algarve is a great holiday destination and for those, like us, traveling with family, we guarantee that you will love your stay. Its beaches and its fabulous climate, with more than 300 days of sunshine a year, delight anyone.

But there is much more to the Algarve than its wonderful beaches and, in order to further enrich your family holiday, we hope that reading this article can help you organize your itinerary and make the most of your stay.

We hope our ideas are to your liking, be sure to give us your feedback, as well as other ideas you may have or have already done and would like to share with us, using our comments box. Although we try to keep our articles as updated as possible, we always ask that you confirm all the information through the official sites that we have left.

Thanks for your visit to our Non Stop Family blog, we hope you continue to visit us.

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